Can the Car Shipping Company offer Safe and Protected Transport Solution for My Car?

While researching to find a suitable car transporting company, the question you may have is what can happen if your car gets damaged during transportation. Damage to a car is always a possibility and for that matter, it can happen with anything that you ship. The car’s sensitive exterior will remain exposed to various elements, and hence, it is no exception at all.

The good news is that Ship a Car, Inc. will provide you covered car shipping solutions for your car and provide door-to-door as well as coast-to-coast services, which is secure and safe at the best cost that the present-day market can offer.

By providing a fully enclosed carrier you may rest fully assured that your car will remain sheltered from the external environment. So, you need not worry about certain unpredictable weather occurrences nor from dust or debris touching your car.

While transporting a vehicle, you will not find a safer way of transporting your precious vehicle other than an enclosed car shipping service.

It is therefore important that before you transport your car, you must get your vehicle properly inspected and make an inspection report. You can also check your car again when you receive it at your destination. This will become legal proof with you to tell the transporter whether any damage took place during transportation.

Usually, most people prefer to transport their car through an open trailer. The enclosed trailer option is mostly chosen when you are trying to ship any of the following types of cars:

  • Antique vehicles
  • Brand new vehicle
  • Classic vehicles
  • Exotic vehicles
  • Customized vehicles
  • Luxury type vehicles.

However, there are few plus and minus points of transporting your vehicles on an enclosed trailer. The upsides are your vehicle will get better protection and also it will remain safe and secured. However, the downside is, this option will be a little more expensive and the availability is also a bit limited.

What is the difference?

In case of enclosed transport, your car will ride on transport with just a few numbers of other vehicles and will remain well protected against the elements, as it will remain completely enclosed within a trailer. It is comparable with flying in first-class while traveling by airplane.

While in the case of open transport, your car remains sandwiched with more than 10 vehicles and travel on a model of open transport. The car carrier will remain exposed on its sides to various elements.


You must consider enclosed vehicle transport only if you prefer to send your specialty car that needs extra protection during the transit. You must remember that the enclosed transport option may cost you about 60% more as compared to the open transport option.

However, in the case of open transport, which is a relatively more popular option for car shipping will cost you significantly less. Besides, your cost of cleaning dirt or repair the damage is quite low with an average, everyday used car.

Also, the cost incurred for any minor damage caused during transit is insignificant. So, the premium price for an enclosed transport option is not worth it for majority of shipments.


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