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2018 BMW X4 Review, Specs and Release Date
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2018 BMW X4 Review, Specs and Release Date

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2018 BMW X4 Review, Specs and Release Date – The 2018 BMW X4 takes today’s trend toward swoopier SUVs and packages it having a roundel up front. It’s entertaining as well as a looker, however, not the only thing that practical.

The 2018 BMW X4 doesn’t bother with convention, tradition, or labels. It’s a luxury sport crossover SUV coupe—add any names you like. Actually, it’s probably best to merely stick with X4.

We rate the X4 at 6.8 overall, which reflects our opinion of its trendy looks and potential. It is not particularly comfortable for four, and cargo capacity is clearly compromised which consists of coupe-like roof.

2018 BMW X4

2018 BMW X4 Exterior View

The X4 comes into play two standard flavors, both will all-wheel drive. The X4 xDrive28i offers a turbo-4 that makes 240 horsepower which enables it to propel the crossover around 60 mph within six seconds. At more than $48,000 to get started it’s hardly cheap, and we wouldn’t fault anyone for stopping there. The X4 M40i could be the performance pick—for now—while offering up an entertaining turbo-6 that makes 355 hp as well as a wall of torque. It rips off 60-mph sprints inside of five seconds and it is almost as entertaining for the reason that X4’s shape. In both engine configuration the regular 8-speed automatic is sufficient that we will never wish for a manual, at all.

Back on the shape with the X4: It is a boon to passersby and front-seat riders, but that’s about all. The sloping roof line cuts into rear seat head room, and while there’s adequate space for your 6-footer by sitting behind another 6-footer, we wouldn’t advise it for long hauls. As to cramming five from the X4, we wouldn’t advise that. Deeply sculpted positions for four should be the first indication: this is not a family car.

The X4 comes well-equipped from the factory. Only a few options can maintain it to remain reasonably (relatively) priced, including adaptive suspension ($1,000) and an M-Sport package with sport buckets, aggressive looks, and wheel options ($1,700).

One option we’re not able to get behind: $300 extra for Apple CarPlay compatibility that’s shielded having a compulsory $1,700 navigation extra. That’s effectively $2,000 for Apple CarPlay that other automakers include for no additional cost.

2018 BMW X4 Styling

The 2018 BMW X4 is your firm stand out of favor, for some. We’re not certain exactly the goals saying at times, but do not much mind.

Our parents were right: look nice, feel good.

It’s hard never to smile when driving with the 2018 BMW X4. Maybe is it doesn’t sloping roofline cribbed from the larger X6. Maybe it’s possible 20-inch wheels slathered having a thin paint of rubber. Or it could be which the X4 can be an on-trend crossover that prioritizes model of substance—and somewhat silly, it is always a smile.

We provide the X4 an 8 on looks with the knowing that it’s not going to be for everyone. As well as the shoppers that are considering “coupe” crossovers, the X4 looks great and its interior is good too.

2018 BMW X4 Front

Such as the X6, the lesser X4 gives up some function such as fashion. The X4 is using the outgoing X3, but cleaves hulking chunks of cargo area for your dramatic fastback roof. The full crossover is athletic in features and approach, provided that it isn’t really an outdoors sport. The bulky fenders cover available 20-inch wheels, and while entry and exit into the spine row isn’t ideal, who needs it? The trunk bench is cramped anyhow.

Inside, even base X4 trims get wood accents and an interior that’s decidedly upmarket. (It need to be for up to $50,000 to start.) Throw more cash on the X4 and the interior starts to take a look better, especially Long Beach Blue with Nevada White Leather. Might embrace the popularity while it’s around.

2018 BMW X4 Performance

Offered with an above average or great engine, the 2018 BMW X4’s wheelhouse is at performance.

The 2018 BMW X4 hits its stride in performance.

Neither engine feels underpowered and in M40i spec, the X4 comes alive as being fun-to-drive on an SUV.

We give it points above average due to the engine and smooth-shifting 8-speed automatic that’s more than willing—it’s almost tuned to perfection. We land at the 7.

The camp engine within the X4 xDrive28i is often a turbo-4 with a rating of 240 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. Its specs are comparable to the Porsche Macan with which it competes, however the BMW’s mill is a lot more familiar to us. We love to its power delivery, its rorty behavior when required, as well as its willingness to calm down too. All-wheel drive is standard on all X4s and splits power 40/60, front to rear. Although all wheels may be powered, it isn’t really a process designed for off-road use. The X4’s available 20-inch tires were our first clue.

The all-wheel drive system can send around 100 percent with the X4’s capability to the spine wheels as well as a performance controller can split torque side-to-side, provided you’re brave enough to test the limits of grip in a 5,200-pound crossover.

The not compulsory engine is surely a turbo-6 which was new for 2016, and enables buyers inch closer to M-badged glory (an X4M is born any day now) without splurging. The 3.0-liter turbo-6 makes 355 hp and slingshots the M40i close to 60 mph in five seconds. It’s uproariously fun drive an automobile although we stop next to saying this can be a sports car. Like every performance SUV, the M40i doesn’t hide its tall ride height and drivers sit along with the crossover’s mass, in preference to in it. Tossing the M40i around feels less like skiing (carving through corners) plus much similar to tubing (you’re along in the ride).

2018 BMW X4 Engine

The traditional 8-speed automatic is practically telepathic in the packages downshifts, and seamless in the packages upshifts. It’s possibly the best ‘boxes in the marketplace, and it also could possibly rival the 8-speed automatic based in the Corvette in relation to spirited drives. BMW’s 8-speed almost causes us to only ignore a manual—almost.

The X4 includes a traditional double wishbone-rear multilink setup in the suspension, upgradeable to adaptive dampers which can dial in firmer response for $1,000. We love the not compulsory setup cell phone contentment and adaptability, although we’d love the steering communicate in identical ways since wheels.

2018 BMW X4 Comfort & Quality

Nominally a five-seater, the X4 is easily the most suitable with two in the beginning together with 2 occasionally while in the rear.

The BMW X4’s shape cuts a good that rear seat passengers receives asked to cash.

Although all of us the related X3 is surely a bona fide five-seater, the X4 seats four passengers—just.

Tall rear-seat riders (think 6-feet or lankier) may fight with rear-seat room. Cargo space is down markedly of one’s related X3 too—the X4 boasts 17.7 cubic feet with the odd-shaped area.

We let the X4 points above average cell phone top seats. It earns a 6 of 10.

The X4 has synthetic leather, power adjustable front seats of one’s outset, but picking out the M Sport package or it could be the M40i trim level replaces people with deeper, sportier seats with good support. We love those best for many body types.

2018 BMW X4 Front Seats

A corner seats are deeply contoured to prioritize two passengers—we wouldn’t advise three for long, if ever. The X4 is great outgoing X3 and shaves only a couple of inches removed from rear leg room, however,the real key bigger compromise is supplied in rear-seat head room. The X4 shaves a precious 2 inches of head room from the particular X3, considerably more together with a sunroof. The sloped rear hatch translates that head space doesn’t get a lot better for taller people, who may sit further while in the seats.

The hold holds 17.7 cubic feet of gear with the second row constantly in place, or 49.4 cubes with the seats folded. The X4 is less versatile compared to the X3, with less vertical space for taller objects but beauty is pain, right?

2018 BMW X4 Safety

The 2018 BMW X4 doesn’t employ an entire number of crash-test results, and advanced safety measures might still sound right quickly.

The BMW X4 wasn’t tested by federal or independent safety officials. Nobody should expect that can change soon either—neither agency usually tests high-dollar, low-volume cars.

Without that data, we simply cannot assign a security score. We’ll update this space hopefully changes.

In addition to crash data, the X4 features a standard complement of airbags for front and back passengers, including dual stage front airbags and side curtain airbags for rear passengers. Stability and traction control systems are standard, as is also a rearview camera. BMW also throws within the average emergency responder notification system automobile impressive collision that will often include injuries is detected.

You’ll find advanced safety measures available, but BMW buries many in pricey packages. Adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking are available for $1,200. That’s decent value, however some mainstream automakers are bundling that into the beds base price.

Blind-spot monitors, a head-up display, and posted posted speed limit display is $1,700, but i am really not as obsessed about it value.

2018 BMW X4 Rear Seats

Parking sensors and also a surround-view camera system cost $700.

In addition to safety equipment, the X4’s roofline eats into outward vision due to the low roof pillars and obstructed rear hatch. We’d prefer that blind-spot monitors were standard equipment on a car with such limited vision in the driver.

2018 BMW X4 Features

All 2018 BMW X4s are well-equipped, with good features available. Difficult to do are inexpensive however.

The 2018 BMW X4 has two stories to find out when you’re thinking of features.

First, unlike a few other BMW models, the X4 comes handsomely equipped from the outset. Every X4 includes all-wheel drive, synthetic leather upholstery, 19-inch wheels, adaptive headlights, power adjustable front seats, wood trim, a 6.5-inch infotainment display with Bluetooth connectivity, an electrical tailgate, and also a rearview camera.

All the other story? It starts temptingly all-around $50,000 in base guise—an eye-watering sum for a somewhat compact crossover. Shoppers with that sort of coin, mazel tov.

We allow the X4 points above average for ever base features, the sink that BMW can throw at it in options, with its infotainment system. It gets an 8 using 10 before unhealthy news: BMW offers Apple CarPlay in the bizzaro option blunder that asks $2,000 for how many other automakers add in for free. We land with a 7.

In 2010, BMW has shuffled up its optional packages for those X4, but exactly the same basic idea remains. The X4 is available in base configuration with several packages and a handful of stand-alone options. Few X4s will leave the factory without one, or several, add-ons.

The most famous stop for many folks buyers in snowy states is a cold weather package that adds heated front and back seats and also a heated steering wheel for $950.

A Premium Package ($2,200) adds softer interior hides, satellite radio, and keyless ignition. Its value is debatable.

An M-Sport package ($1,700) are sometimes a more sensible choice, by our book. It adds a few exterior appearance items, additionally it is sportier front seats, a grippier steering wheel, and better looking wheels.

2018 BMW X4 Back

Several safety packages are presented, which we cover above.

Thankfully, BMW has portioned out a few of the better options bundled in packages into stand-alone options. Heated front seats ($500), adaptive dampers ($1,000), Harman Kardon multichannel ($875), are only a few.

Frustratingly, Apple CarPlay compatibility can be described as $300 option—excessive in the own right—only after optional navigation ($1,700) is selected. That effectively makes CarPlay can be described as $2,000 option, reported by BMW. And Android Auto isn’t even available. Yikes.

Opting for the X4 M40i brings the uprated engine, deeper sport seats, leather upholstery, keyless ignition, adaptive dampers, and parking sensors.

The packages largely go through the X4 xDrive28i, except the M Sport appearance package is standard relating to the X4 M40i.

2018 BMW X4 Fuel Economy

Sleeker shape for those 2018 BMW X4? Sure. Better mileage? Not really.

The 2018 BMW X4 doesn’t prioritize gas mileage above style. Its shape may cut a sleeker hole in the wind, but may possibly not mean much from the pump.

The EPA rates the 2018 BMW X4 xDrive28i (aka the base version) at 20 mpg city, 28 highway, 23 combined. The X4 M40i is rated at 18/25/21 mpg. Both of the people figures are good enough for your 6 using 10 on our efficiency scale.

The X4’s chief rival manages roughly exactly the same mileage figures. The Mercedes-Benz GLC300 Coupe is rated at 22/27/24 mpg, as well as AMG GLC43 Coupe manages 18/24/20 mpg by EPA’s calculators.

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