2017 Genesis G80 Review, Specs and Price

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2017 Genesis G80 Review, Specs and Price – The 2017 Genesis G80 is the primary new cars from the nascent luxury carmaker, and it’s a good leg to stand on.

The Genesis name works the latest meaning now.

2017 Genesis G80

2017 Genesis G80 Wallpaper

The Genesis G80 (nee Hyundai Genesis) was the car that launched a high end flagship for Hyundai and will chart the latest course for the nascent brand.

It is a good foot to stand on. We gave the 2017 Genesis G80 rating an 8.3 overall score, with room to improve in gas mileage and styling. The G80 aced our safety and has ratings, and that is certainly before we consider its value.


The G80’s overall style is nearing a crossroads. Audi influence is immediate at the start; BMW’s style along the side is apparent too, however the G80 starts in making waves without attention front by using a crisp character line with an softer originate from the trunk that’s more in keeping with its mission.

Inside, the G80 doesn’t excite many because of so many lines of horizontal type, and the guts time piece doesn’t feel quite in character—not less than not yet.

Underneath the hood, a stout V-6 and big V-8 are available—both mated a great 8-speed automatic—and all-wheel drive available only around the smaller engine. That’s OK, the V-6 is our pick anyway thanks to its 311 horsepower and relative light in weight as opposed to V-8. The 420-hp makes good noises, and unlocks the largest wheel option, however it is nose-heavy character and mild acceleration bump causes it to become entirely extra credit—as well as the G80 won’t have better grades anyhow.

Lotus engineering helped sort the rear-drive, V-6 model and it shows. A fantastic composure and ride falls down on spirited canyon runs, which and we don’t guess many G80 owners will make.

Quality, safety, and has

The G80 could be down slightly on space in comparison with some, however it is efficient packaging and rehearse of space causes it to become comfortable for four adults all of the time. We’d prefer a bit more trunk space and split-folding rear seats, but which includes spoiled outstanding ride from the past. When we’re looking closely, the Genesis lacks several of the polish available on other luxury sedans, but it is certainly only here—from the minor stuff—that this G80 shows its budget bottom line.

Overall, the cabin is isolated from noise and vibration, and it also holds up to sedans that cost tens of thousands of more, which begs the question: What amount do you want to pay extra for a badge?

The G80 aced federal and IIHS testing—and it also aced ours. Active safety features are standard in 2010, including forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitors, and active lane control.

Luxury options are actually trimmed in 2010, only because G80 comes so handsomely equipped. Base models get active safety with an 8.0-inch touchscreen due to the infotainment system, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Bluetooth connectivity and streaming, leather upholstery, Hyundai telematics, power adjustable and heated front seats, hands-free trunk opening, and keyless ignition.

Add-ons include a premium (and even more premium) stereo, sunroof, ventilated seats and softer hides. Frustratingly, so is really a rearview camera. (There’s the wart.)

Spending a whole lot money internally hasn’t left much for fuel saving tech underneath. The G80 features direct injection to support save fuel—and that is certainly about it. No hybrid or alternative powertrain yet, thus it has room to enhance our gas mileage scale. Probably the most popular model will hover around 22 mpg, according to our drives and EPA figures.

2017 Genesis G80 Styling

Even when it borrows from some, the Genesis G80 is a useful one looking—and able to chart their own path soon.

The Genesis G80 is approaching a turning point. At the same time, the luxury car emulates others that cost far more, but in addition sets out without attention path. As the initial of two cars in the flagship luxury brand for Hyundai, the G80 sheds any badges through an H on it and attempt to be a lucrative marquee out of under the Hyundai shadow.

Its exterior is truly stunning, and worthy of any pricetag with additional numbers on it, and that we think the interior is above average too. We gave it an 8 on our scale as a result of those qualities, with room to improve in the future iterations.

The first-generation Genesis were built with a pleasantly anodyne body, with just a few flares of South Korean style rolling around in its grille and secondary controls. The newest G80 dissapear of that way to blur even those touches, adopting the latest roofline and grille which have been striking in combination

That corporate hexagonal grille continues to be smoothed over in the G80, along with a somewhat more ornate try the Genesis than, say, the Sonata. Out of your front, the Audi influence along the G80 is immediately recognizable, and down the edges, we can easily even spot some BMW. Around back, the structure is far softer.

2017 Genesis G80 Front Seats

Inside, the major luxury sedan trades some vertical shapes and curved silhouettes for straight lines and sharp edges. Lexus proceeded to go much the same route featuring a latest sedans, emphasizing horizontal lines and also a flatter presentation that’s more flattering than before. The corners of one’s vents flanking the central touchscreen point angle off on opposing tangents; the rectangles that divide out the area to the shift lever, cupholders, even the time impose a regularity along the console that seems slimmer but looks more substantial.

The square timepiece provides central visual point to the controls otherwise, which put climate and audio controls just beside and below; the dash bypasses the entirely configurable screen-based gauge clusters of some current models and instead matches nice, neat analog electroluminescent gauges.

2017 Genesis G80 Performance

Go for sport sedan, however it is possibly not trying to become either.

Nothing has changed with the move from last year’s Hyundai Genesis to our year’s Genesis G80, that is certainly an outstanding thing.

We give the G80 an 8 due to 10 on our scale as a consequence of an outstanding base engine, transmission, and ride. There is not much reason to jump up on the V-8, by our math, and although handling is very well-sorted with the base car, it still feels a little bit nose-heavy to us along with the brakes aren’t as firm as we’d like.

Base cars are powered using a 311-horsepower, 3.8-liter V-6 that makes 293 pound-feet of torque. It’s paired exclusively a powerful 8-speed automatic that lets the V-6 modernise its range, and it is rear-drive, or all-wheel drive if optionally equipped.

The camp 3.8-liter V-6 is our pick since top in to select from as a consequence of its relatively spry handling and sharp acceleration. In 2015, then-Hyundai employed famed sports car company Lotus that can help improve Genesis in handling and road feel. That amounted to the significant tuning change and its steering is much better than expected; the brand new electric variable-ratio power steering has rack-mounted motor assist and sounds like it could translate without having any changes to a honest sport sedan. It’s neither overly heavy on center nor artificially light, therefore loads up nicely with heft off center; it is usually a perfect model for know about steering calibration Hyundai needs in its other vehicles.

The V-8 engine appears to select from a brand new for buyers who can’t leave a box unchecked. Its acceleration isn’t that distinctive from the V-6, and its 420 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque are fantastic for spec hunters trying to find bragging rights. Its rear-drive only, and more nose heavy as opposed to V-6. There’s an available Continuous Damping Control air suspension which might be toggled from Normal to Sport mode, but we thought that model neither rode nor handled quite as well as the less-nose-heavy V-6, though it did have the ability to strain some roughest components of pavement.

We are saying the V-6 is one of you require in a significant luxury sedan, it’s a matter of wants and needs. If most to your driving is on straight boulevards and freeways, the Genesis has many of the performance you’ll need—with a perfect mixture of comfort included, without ever feeling wallowy. Only once you frequently must go a mountain pass or along a canyon road will you no doubt know (and care) until this definitely isn’t an activity sedan.

2017 Genesis G80 Comfort & Quality

The Genesis G80 gets it right in overall quality and luxury, we’d for a a lot more focus on your little friend stuff.

The Genesis G80 is a luxury car first and foremost, though it can also become a fairly spacious people carrier when it must be.

It’s 15.3 cubic feet of trunk space is under some compact sedans, and which has no split-folding rear seats, we don’t imagine it’ll haul many two-by-fours in route home from the house improvement store.

2017 Genesis G80 Rear Seats

It’s that reason, and considering that the G80 skips most of the finer details, that him and i perform a 9 on our scale.

For front- and back-seat passengers, the G80 is incredibly comfortable as a consequence of lots of space and an abandoned ride. Top seats could be powered in as many as 12 directions, with four-way lumbar adjustment, heating, and ventilation. A back corner seats could be heated likewise in all-wheel-drive cars.

The Genesis G80 is based over a rear-wheel-drive platform, and although there might technically be less rear leg room here, nevertheless the Genesis feels roomier when it comes to what matters for adults—getting inside easily, without constantly rubbing against the headliner or up using the moonroof housing. Getting inside is a lot easier here versus the front-wheel-drive Hyundai Azera—with you should not duck when acquiring it and out—and a lot more upright package plus much more formal roofline adds up to a cabin that feels airier inside.

The cabin on the G80 is an extremely nice place to become, but if you look closely, many of the finer details start to fall down. By way of example, we’ve welcomed in past years the center-console cover, in lieu of using the type of perfectly counterweighted or smoothly damped mechanisms that you might see in most prestige-luxury cars, relies on a simple hinge and little rubber bump stops.

Several of the G80’s switches and buttons do not have the same bespoke feeling as much higher in price cars—they’re used during the entire Hyundai lineup—and we would like an increasingly comfortable grip to the steering wheel.

2017 Genesis G80 Safety

It’s hard to do superior to perfect, plus the Genesis starts there.

For 2017, Genesis has heaped on heightened safety features as standard to its directory of impressive protection inside G80.

That, and an ideal report card in the IIHS and federal safety officials, are big the reason why we gave it a safety score of 10 for 2017.

The 2010 Genesis G80 aced every crash score and was obviously a Top Safety Pick+ from the agency. Included in the agency’s new criteria, the headlights to the G80 were with a rating of “Acceptable,” which is plenty to the prestigious nod.

2017 Genesis G80 Open Doors

Federal testers previously because of the 2017 Genesis G80 an ideal five (out of five) stars overall, with five stars overall in every test.

So far as official data goes, it’s difficult to learn better than perfect.

Every G80 comes equipped standard with forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitors with rear cross-traffic alert, active lane control, adaptive cruise control, and active head restraints. That’s along with nine standard airbags, with a driver’s knee bag that protects lower-limb injuries in a very crash.

2017 Genesis G80 Features

Despite a modest price bump, probably the most you’ll cover a loaded G80 continues to be a lot less than where others start.

The 2017 Genesis G80 starts at heaps on more base equipment to its already impressive directory of standard features, which supports justify its $2,650 jump in price over last year.

Base models really aren’t that basic, option packages add features and tech that may cost thousands more utilizing brands, and Hyundai’s stellar warranty continues to be included. Those reasons are sufficient allow it a near-perfect score on our features scale, even whenever we factor in its overall value.

The Genesis G80 sports an outstanding directory of basic features which includes forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitors, active lane control, an 8.0-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Bluetooth connectivity and streaming, leather upholstery, Hyundai telematics, power adjustable and heated front seats, hands-free trunk opening, and keyless ignition. Adding all-wheel drive bundles heated rear seats as well as a heated rim as standard.

There’s only one thing missing from that list that i cannot understand: a rearview camera. That’s buried in a very $4,750 premium package that adds a sunroof, ventilated front seats, a much bigger multi-function instrument display, as well as an upgraded stereo.

The so-called $4,200 ultimate package enhances the premium package softer leather seats, wood trim, a head-up display, 9.2-inch touchscreen, a 17-speaker head unit, power trunk lid, but deletes Apple CarPlay/Android Auto.

Near the top of the lineup, the Genesis 5.0 Ultimate is more epensive than $55,500. On top of the final and premium packages, it adds LED fog lamps, larger 19-inch wheels, quad exhaust tips, and illuminated door sill plates.

Most importantly a completely decked V-8 G80 is roughly $2,500 greater base Mercedes-Benz E-Class and $4,300 greater base BMW 5-Series, without any options.

2017 Genesis G80 Fuel Economy

No hybrid, no diesel, no one is perfect—the Genesis G80 still does reasonably well in gas mileage.

The 2017 Genesis G80 won’t count “green” among its many accolades because the mid-size luxury car eschews any hybridization or diesel powertrain—even stop/start—to keep its price low.

That’s in contrast to a majority of the mid-size segment that offers either small-displacement turbocharged engines, diesel, or hybrid powertrains to stretch between gas station trips.

The way the EPA sees it: Rear-drive G80 sedans will earn 18 mpg city, 28 highway, 22 combined.

2017 Genesis G80 Trunk

We gave the G80 a 6 on our scale based on the score for that powertrain configuration, which will comprise most G80 sales this year.

Adding all-wheel drive for snow-belt states drops that score considerably to 16/25/19 mpg. The V-8 version isn’t far off at 15/23/18 mpg, according to the EPA.

In an early drive on mostly wide-open expressways and rural two-lane highways, we saw an average of about 25 mpg with a rear-wheel-drive V-6 model and nearly 23 mpg with a V-8.

By comparison, the Audi A6 manages 21/29/24 mpg and the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class returns 22/30/25 mpg.

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