2017 Dodge Viper SRT Review, Specs and Price

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2017 Dodge Viper SRT Review, Specs and Price – The 2017 Dodge Viper is blessed with a wonderful, seductive shape. Its big-engine, rear-drive formula remains appealing, even for the reason that Viper drives off in the sunset.

In its distant past, the Dodge Viper a bad-boy reputation—a bed that it earned with delicate handling and a tendency toward copious oversteer. During the best hands, it was a handful.

2017 Dodge Viper SRT

2017 Dodge Viper SRT Front

Over a number of generations, the Viper’s developed a lot. It’s become a much more balanced machine, having a better interior, better tire choices, and the all-important stability and traction control making it usable in everyday driving. For many people it’s no longer an undesirable boy—only one with better manners.

It is still not really genteel as being a Chevy Corvette or simply a Porsche 911, and for that, the Viper remains a singular choice.

2017 Dodge Viper SRT Back

The Viper ears a decent 6.8 overall on our ratings scale thanks to the beautiful shape and superlative performance. It’s a fitting tribute to the car that has been around for so long.

The existing 2017 Dodge Viper SRT starts back to the 2013 model year, and 2017 stands out as the car’s last model year. To commemorate no more production, in addition to the car’s 25th anniversary, Dodge offers a series of six special edition models.

The special edition models include:

Viper 1:28 Edition ACR: This model pays tribute to the ACR’s lap record of 1:28.64 at Laguna Seca Raceway. Already had sell outs, each one of the 28 cars features a black exterior, a painted rear wing, red ACR stripes, an aero package, and carbon-ceramic brakes. All 28 models purchased from 40 minutes, reported by Dodge.

2017 Dodge Viper SRT Interior

Viper GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR: This special edition sports large scheme with the 1998 Viper GTS-R GT2 Championship Edition. It wears pearl white paint, blue pearl GTS stripes, an aero package, and carbon-ceramic brakes. All 100 units had sell outs within a few days of their release.

Viper VoooDoo II Edition ACR: Modeled once the the 2010 VooDoo edition, this Viper features black paint having a graphite metallic ACR driver’s stripe and also a red tracer outline, an aero package, and carbon-ceramic brakes. All 31 units had sell outs in a few hours.

Viper Snakeskin Edition GTC: Inspired because of the 2010 Snakeskin ACR, this Viper features green paint having a patterned SRT stripe, an aero package, and also a black interior. All 25 were sold almost immediately.

Viper Snakeskin ACR Edition: Also inspired because of the 2010 Snakeskin ACR, this model is painted Snakeskin Green having a custom snakeskin-patterned stripe. It comes with the Extreme Aero Package, carbon ceramic brakes, a serialized instrument panel Snakeskin badge, and also a custom car cover that the exterior paint scheme and has the customer’s name printed across the driver’s side door. A complete of 31 are obtainable, just such as 2010. Those models will carry on sale in mid July.

2017 Dodge Viper SRT Interior

Dodge Dealer Edition ACR: Sold limited to two with the top-selling Viper dealers—in Tomball, Texas, and Roanoke, Illinois—this Viper contains a white exterior with a competition blue racing stripe, an Adrenaline Red driver stripe, carbon-ceramic brakes, and a aero package. Those editions were purchased from roughly five days.

Besides the unique models, the Viper gets no updates for 2017, although the GT model is dropped.

The remainder of the Viper lineup includes the beds base Viper SRT, the GTC, the GTS, and also the track-focused ACR.

One of many Viper trim levels, there are many important handling differences that become important if you are planning to push it daily or track it instead. The base car is one simple canvas for weekend racers. The GTC and GTS models get adaptive dampers and upgraded electronic controls that will make them more livable for everyday driving. The ACR model, that has been added for that 2016 model year, features Bilstein coil-over racing shocks, carbon-ceramic brakes, and Kumho Ecsta tires. It is also offered using an aero package that features a carbon-fiber wing, diffuser, louvered hood, and a extendable front splitter.

2017 Dodge Viper SRT Engine

Pricing starts at about $90,000, together with a $2,100 gas guzzler tax as well as a $2,495 destination charge, and ranges up in close proximity to $120,000 on an ACR.

The Viper’s design is rippling with muscles, with some threatening vents and intakes scarred along its low-slung body. The menacing supercar details connect a cockpit be the nicest ever installed within a Viper, with touchscreen interfaces and fragrant Ferrari-esque leather seats.

The sole power source for that 2017 Dodge Viper remains unchanged since a 5-horsepower bump for that 2015 model year. It’s a massive 8.4-liter V-10, with 645 horsepower, fed via a Tremec 6-speed manual, shuttling ability to the trunk wheels. The large 600 pound-feet of torque is regarded as the delivered by any naturally aspirated sports car on the planet. Performance is mind-bending: 0-60 mph runs take three seconds; quarter-miles fly by in the reduced 11s; 0-100-0 mph takes fewer than 12 seconds; and top speed ranges from 177 to 206 mph, for the way much aero is added.

The supercar game seriously isn’t supposed to be about straight-line performance, however, and also the Viper shines when you need to turn, too. This generation of Viper is the first one to be designed with stability and traction control, and, fortunately, they don’t really get rid of fun. In fact, in full-on mode, the soundness control makes it possible for yaw and slip angles suitable to spirited track-day antics. With everything fully off, the Viper is healthy, transitioning from admittance to apex to exit with massive grip and surprising feel through the tyre and driver’s seat. The ride quality is fair in base models, a tad better together with the adjustable dampers, but never really objectionable for any sports car.

2017 Dodge Viper SRT Trunk

The Viper’s cabin is surprisingly roomy for this sort of low-slung coupe. Dodge claims drivers nearly 6-feet-7-inches tall should fit within its confines. There’s a good amount of head room and leg room for some drivers, and also the seats are generally comfortable and adjustable. The tyre and pedals also move for the best possible fit. You will need equally as much physical security in the Viper as you can, as it is often an incredibly noisy place to generally be, even cruising at low engine speeds on the smooth country road. Cargo space is fair, at 14.65 cubic feet, although the odd shape under the trunk hatch means soft-sided bags will be the best bet for longer trips.

Expensive, low-volume sports cars are often skipped inside crash-testing cycle by way of the NHTSA and also the IIHS, and also the Dodge Viper isn’t exception. Despite deficiency of crash tests, the Viper should prove as safe because so many modern coupes within an accident. A backup camera is on the beds base model, and standard on the GTS.

Gas mileage, you may expect, isn’t one of several Viper’s primary concerns; it’s rated at 15 mpg combined


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